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All the linked pages below, except the ones to the Family Tree and Bird Cam, are to photo galleries.

The Garden Birds page now has its own website as it really outgrew this one. The original subdomain website now defaults to british-garden-birds.com and there is an additional site at gardenbirdwatching.com. As far as possible each has unique content.

Family Tree  This is now updated with some additional charts, although this is still work in progress. Currently, only my father's side of the tree is covered here but the full tree with some 6,000 people is shared at ancestry.co.uk and genesreunited.co.uk

Barbecue  Photo archive. Snaps from several years of summer barbecue going all the way back to 1999 - which was round about when they invented the digital camera ☺

DisneyOur trip to Disney  When we went to Florida to see the mouse.

South America   These photos are a bit older and are slides that I've scanned in of the trip that Brian and I did a few years ago to Venezuela and Bolivia.

Ark Royal  Karen's visit to the ship when it was still in service at Greenwich when she got onboard.

Safeway  There are a few pages of photos here including some of the old head office at Hayes just before I left and when I was one of the few people still left on site.

Simon, Karen & Rachael

favicon Spitfires  a few photos taken at Biggin Hill of the Battle of Britain memorial display on 18/08/15 when there were a large number of aircraft assembled.

There are now two new birding sites that replace the one that I had here as it made sense to give the birding images their own domain as the site grew:

gbw favicon gardenbirdwatching.com This site still has a focus on garden birds but is not limited to images that I've taken here in the garden. The size of the images is also increased and includes better integration with the video clips.
Facebook page and YouTube channel

bgb favicon british-garden-birds.com Similar in format to the original site, but again not limited to images that I've taken at home. A more extensive range of species and larger images again. Facebook page and YouTube channel

birdcam favicon Bird Cam  This is really part of the Garden Birds site which includes this live-feed camera. See who's on the feeders right now!

Snowman Snow   A few shots of the white stuff in and around West Wickham when we had it in some quantity.

YouTube videos a few bits and pieces

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