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Deans Family Tree  


Having researched our family tree, the problem that I now have in trying to put it on a web page is how to present it. Rather than just list it as a series of families and people I would rather present it graphically as can easily be done with a small tree, but as the tree currently has over 3,000 people in it that would be impossible to do in any meaningful way. So, my solution is to break it down into several charts that illustrate the core aspects of the tree. The tree in it's entireity can be found at ancestry.co.uk with attached media, and a copy at genesreunited.co.uk without media.

I should also acknowledge the research previously undertaken on the Deans tree by my cousin Margaret Dunn, on which this builds.

First of all, a list of ancestor surnames and typical locations (not all of which are as yet represented in the charts):

Name Locations Name Locations
Ballantyne Paisley Lyall Banffshire
Barrett London Macey London & Minstead
Bayley Oxford McEwing Scotland
Cambray Oxford Milne Crimond
Casey Ireland Noble Peterhead & Fraserburgh
Cordiner Boddam, Peterhead Ortelli London & Ireland
Cumberlidge Oxford & Staffordshire Perrin Kirtlington
Cunningham Peterhead, Crimond & Ireland Redknap Oxford & London
Deans London & Peterhead Rogers Kirtlington
Forrester Liverpool & Paisley Sheldon Oxford
Gardner Oxford Sinclair Banffshire
Grace Hampshire Stephen Boddam, Peterhead
Grain Oxford Taylor Boddam, Peterhead
Hutchison Boddam, Peterhead Watkins Oxford
Kirby London Wyatt Oxford
Kitching Oxford    

By way of introduction to this first part, the Deans element of the tree largely hails from Aberdeenshire, latterly Peterhead. The Stephen family, to which two of the following charts are dedicated originate from the small fishing village of Boddam, just south of Peterhead. The Cunningham family are also from Aberdeenshire although they have earlier Irish origins. The Ortelli family, who are represented in the Deans tree chart, are from London's east end but also have earlier Irish origins whilst the Macey family in the same chart originated from Hampshire before moving to London.

And now some charts. Click the images for the larger version - some of them are very large.

Deans Ancestor Chart    Deans ancestor chart

    This extends from my paternal grandparents showing ancestors only.




Deans tree    Deans tree


The Deans tree shows the detail from the local end of the tree and extends up through the Stephen, Ortelli and Macey branches. Occupations on the Deans side included plasterer and ship's carpenter and the Ortellis worked in the glass industry.

Stephen Tree    Stephen tree


This focuses on the Stephen family from Boddam, near Peterhead and gives a little more detail to this area of the ancestor chart. Occupations are nearly all fishermen.

Stephen Crossover Chart    Stephen crossover chart


As one pair of my great, great grandparents shared the same name (Stephen), and also a number of family marriages were to people of the same name as shown in the Stephen tree above, I thought it worth investigating a little further to see if they were related. This chart  illustrates the complex web of inter-marriages in a small village. The three couples at the top of the chart are all direct ancestors.

Cunningham tree    Cunningham tree


The Cunningham tree also overlaps with the ancestor chart and gives a little more detail to this area. The Cunninghams, unlike the other Aberdeenshire elements, largely weren't involved in the sea-faring industries, with the exception of the patriarch Patrick Cunningham, who was a coastguard.


The content of this page is still work in progress - so more will follow.

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