In the office

Photos taken in the office at Hayes with a few at Windsor and The Node.

Safeway Hayes   Panto   Brian   Clive   Bob Fisher
These show a view of Safeway-1 & 3, one of the Xmas Pantos in S/way-2, Brian, Clive & Bob Fisher

Surrinder   Steve   Stewart   Denise & Steve   Denise & Steve
Photos of the Layout Planning area in S/way-2

Layout Planning   Denise   Dave   Chris   Denise
More in S/way-2

Steve   Tiffany   Morag   Matt   Andy Long

Jim   Jim   Simon   Lloyd   SARMs

Nick   Denise   Jim   Stewart   Lynne

Liz   Graeme   Windsor   The Node   The Node fish
Windsor and The Node

Crossgate   A photo of the Safeway building at Crossgate, which I believe is now demolished.

Ops Division 2003   Operations Division team photo 2003. 

Course at The Node   Photo of the participants of a Quest course at The Node during the '90s.