In the stores

I did have loads of photos of new store openings, but most of them didn't make it home with me after the office closure. So, just a few:

Merchandisers  This photo dates from the late 'eighties (old Safeway, pre-Argyll days) and was
  probably at Woose Hill store opening.

  L to R: Larry Hunter, Simon Deans, Andy Long, Bob Minty and Bill Hider.

Nick       Thamesmead       Thamesmead   Thamesmead   Thamesmead

Thamesmead   Thamesmead   Thamesmead   Thamesmead   Thamesmead
These were all at Thamesmead - one of the very last Safeway refits

The following were, I think, taken by the P&D division as part of store surveys, but as to which stores I can only guess.





The images below are taken from the facebook group rememberingsafewayuk and Stefan Linanne's flikr album



The following were sent to me by Hadyn Ebbs (who has his own blog:


                and a couple of Presto photos: